Balance Your Health and Safety with Work By Getting the Right Solutions from Ergonomicworks

Ergonomicworks is a company dedicated to improving work efficiency by enhancing physical comforts. All solutions are need-based

California, US  5th june 2013: Technology has literally taken over the world and all of us are technologically dependent. With continuous use of the computers for all day-to-day activities, it is very important that we know how to balance our health and safety with work. Ergonomicworks ( has been spearheading in witness consultations providing people with products that suit their work needs and their health needs. The team of experts at Ergonomicworks prioritizes the need of clients and accordingly provides with solutions that are 100% focused on them.

The team at Ergnomicworks not only understands the problems that people face in the modern work environment but also looks at the long-term effects of the present work culture. Thus the experts practice ergonomic evaluation wherein they identify the ergonomics risk factors associated with any job. While many times the patients/clients can themselves identify the problem and help the experts, most of the time the experts rely on direct observation of the way a person works. Experts also identify the problems by indirect indicators such as injury data, employee complaints etc. They also stress on direct measurement of task requirements.

There are several benefits of the work performance evaluation provided by the ergonomicworks firm that include improved productivity, improved quality of work, improved health and safety, reduced OSHA fines and workers’ compensations, lower lost work time, lower worker turnover rate, increased job satisfaction and improved quality of life.

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 Ergonomicworks is a company that provides practical and user-friendly information on office and laboratory workstation design, ergonomic assessment tools, products and intranet program.

Azi Imandel is a professional ergonomist having experience in the field for decades. Apart from providing ergonomic evaluation strategies to clients, she writes on ergonomicworks and its effects.

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