Tutorial In Response to Rising Desire for LDS Food Storage Knowhow

Catastrophes have risen in number recently. People want to be ready. The “Latterday Saints” have developed an impressively efficient method for stockpiling emergency food. Folks of other churches desire to learn the plan. However, their system, before now, has not been completely shared in one single place on the web. Finally the much-in-demand LDS food […]

3663 Catering Equipment Launch New Tabletop Solutions Publication

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (7th September, 2011) – 3663 Catering Equipment, the UK’s leading foodservice company, has just launched their new and inaugural publication: the Tabletop Solutions Catalogue. This new publication features the categories associated with tabletop and front of house, coupled with some ideas for 3663’s customers to help them make better choices when selecting […]

New 3663 Catering Equipment Website

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (09 March 2011) The dedicated 3663 Catering Equipment website, home to thousands of quality products from crockery and clothing to storage and furniture, has been re-designed as part of 3663’s commitment to improve how it can work better with its customers.

Cocofina launches new product for the European market

Cocofina launches new product for the European market. London June 2010 Cocofina coconut Water is the clear liquid found within young green coconuts often confused with Coconut Milk which is the derived from the white flesh inside the coconut. Unlike coconut milk, Cocofina coconut Water is low in calories (62 Calories per 300 ml serving), […]