What are the advantages and disadvantages of web press releases?

Webpage vs. newspaper page: Why you should post your press release online and when to stick to print materials

Any good business needs good advertising. Even if you have spent years of research and thousands of dollars of investment to create the best business you can make, your effort will be in vain if you do not have the ability to gain and maintain customers. For decades, entrepreneurs and business owners have been investing in TV commercials, newspaper ads, posters, sponsored events and other means of advertising. Nowadays, many advertisers are investing in Internet marketing means—pay per click ads, search engine optimization and such. One marketing tool that is common to both traditional and online means is the press release. Press releases can be published in newspapers, magazines and websites. They are written to garner interest, increase readership and promote the company of the business owner.

Why go online?
A press release can be distributed either to print media or the Internet. Writing press releases and submitting them online is becoming more and more common among business owners. This is not surprising because the number of online browsers is increasing everyday. If your press release is posted online, then you have a good chance of reaching these browsers. If you have no prior experience in writing web press releases, you can easily access sample articles online and familiarize yourself with the language of the text as well as the format used. You can also determine what tone is commonly used by the writer.

Updating by the day. Publishing a press release online gives you a better chance of updating your article on a regular basis. Unlike newspapers that are distributed at a set time everyday, web content can be added at any time. Web press releases also tend to be posted for a longer period of time. Some websites archive their past press releases so readers can still access them at any time.

Finding new connections. Another advantage of publishing web press releases is that they often get distributed to other websites. So if you make your press release material very interesting, then there is a good chance that it may be re-posted in other sites or even linked to. This means enhanced visibility and a wider audience.

Hi-tech troubles.
Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of posting your press release on the Web is the fact that not all of your potential clients may be Internet-savvy. Even if they are, this is not a guarantee that they like to read online press releases. The best way to deal with this is to carefully evaluate your market—age group, location, lifestyle, gender, educational background, etc. This can help you decide on the best way to perform your marketing operation. For instance, if you are selling products to senior citizens, then perhaps a printed press release on a newspaper would be a better idea.

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